Lee: Systemic Racism ‘Taints’ the Way America Treats Minorities

Lee: Systemic Racism ‘Taints’ the Way America Treats Minorities

May 3, 2021

Friday on CNN’s Newsroom, race-mongering Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee reacted to Sen. Tim Scott’s Republican rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress last week, claiming that “institutional and systemic racism” affects the way America treats minorities.

“Institutional racism and systemic racism taints and spoils the way that America treats, in one instance, African Americans and other instances minorities,” Lee declared falsely. “So, there are aspects of America’s laws, America’s structure as relates to the black community in particular and other communities that is racist. There are — certainly, what the president said is accurate about the American people, that the American people, I think, have called to goodness. That’s where they want to be.”

Fact check: there are no American laws — none — that are racist. On the contrary, discrimination is illegal in this country.

“But our system is such that it then allows Americans, people, to act in instances in a racist manner,” Lee continued. “And I believe that it is important to call that out and to be able to find ways that we can learn more about each other. And, as you well know, I’m carrying the bill H.R. 40, the commission to study and develop reparation proposals. That study, that commission will be open to all ideas for people to hear the history, understand the history, and I think we will get to a better place. But yes, action by America and actions by people in America have been racist.”

Does America have a history of racism? Yes, and we have a history of ending it. Are there certain individuals in America who are racist? Of course — there are individuals of all colors who are racist, and there always will be. You can no more eradicate racism than you can eradicate murder or anger.

But is America systemically racist? Absolutely not, and that is demonstrable fact, unlike the anti-American narrative of leftist racists like Sheila Jackson Lee.

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