Lee: No ‘Fair and Reputable’ Elections without Dem Bills

Lee: No ‘Fair and Reputable’ Elections without Dem Bills

January 20, 2022

Wednesday on CNN’s OutFront, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) stated that “we cannot have elections” “that are fair and reputable” without passing the voting laws that Democrats support.

“[W]e gave this process a very long time. But yet, I am willing to give it more,” Jackson Lee said. “I believe a rolling, talking filibuster is right. I believe Sen. Manchin is wrong and Sen. Sinema is wrong. Am I angry at them? No. I want to engage with them, and as I engage with them, I want them to take the time to change their mind. Because we cannot have elections, if you will, that are fair and reputable without these particular laws.”

Jackson Lee is referring to the fact that fellow Democrats Manchin and Sinema have become frustrating obstacles to the Democrat agenda to create a one-party state by federalizing elections, because those Senators — gasp! — have been voting according to their conscience.

The last thing Jackson Lee and the rest of the Democrat lawmakers want is elections “that are fair and reputable,” because they know they cannot win fair and reputable elections. Democrats now depend on massive, widespread voter fraud to seize and maintain power, which is why they have manufactured a campaign to falsely claim that the Republican effort to ensure election integrity is a racist suppression of votes.

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