Lee: CRT Doesn’t Celebrate Diversity, but ‘Weaponizes’ It

Lee: CRT Doesn’t Celebrate Diversity, but ‘Weaponizes’ It

July 12, 2021

Friday on Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom, Republican Sen. Mike Lee slammed some states for using COVID-19 relief funds for radical Progressive programs such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) being utilized in schools.

Asked if he ever thought that the COVID relief money he voted for would ever be used for such purposes, he replied, “Heavens, no. But, you know, it’s tragic when this does happen, and when it does happen, we have to push back on it.

“Look, the federal government should have very little role in the first place in anything having to do with primary and secondary education,” Lee added. “K-12 schools really are creatures of state and local governments, not the federal government. We certainly shouldn’t be stepping in with Critical Race Theory. Look, we should be celebrating diversity. Critical Race Theory doesn’t celebrate diversity. It weaponizes it. That’s bad for America, and it doesn’t help heal the wounds that need to be healed.

“It’s destructive to any civilization,” he concluded correctly.

Absolutely right. CRT is a subversive, Marxist ideological weapon that has metastasized throughout America like a cancer, and must be stamped out everywhere it appears.

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