Lee: Biden’s Low Numbers Due to Summer ‘Frustration,’ Heat

Lee: Biden’s Low Numbers Due to Summer ‘Frustration,’ Heat

July 13, 2022

Monday on CNN’s Newsroom, anti-Trump hysteric Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) blamed “the frustration of the summer, the heat” for the results of a recent New York Times/Siena College poll showing that 64% of voters who plan to vote in the Democrat primary in 2024 would prefer someone other than President Joe Biden as the nominee.

Jackson Lee stated, “Today, I think, is July 11. I’m a fighter. Joe Biden is a fighter and Kamala Harris. The elections are in November. Oil prices, gasoline costs at the pump [are] going down. All that we have committed to doing, we are doing, including money going out on the street with the bipartisan infrastructure bill, just passing a real first step in gun safety, even advocating for banning assault weapons, making sure that we get baby formula back where it needs to be on the shelves and in the hands of parents.”

Reality checks: those problems — the record gas prices and the baby formula shortage — and more economic catastrophes were the results of Biden’s own policies. And banning so-called “assault weapons” will do nothing to prevent gun violence.

“So, I really look at those numbers, yes, as dissatisfaction, as the frustration of the summer, the heat,” she blathered. “But I’m ready for the fall, when we really turn that election around after Labor Day, and all the groups that have been supporting Joe Biden get ready, get busy to really make a difference in the 2022 election.”

The “frustration” people are feeling, and Biden’s unpopularity, have nothing to do with seasonal warmth and everything to do with Sheila Jackson Lee’s party’s disastrous impact on the everyday lives of American citizens.

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