Lee: Biden ‘Might Not Have Been as Funny’ as He Thought

Lee: Biden ‘Might Not Have Been as Funny’ as He Thought

May 25, 2020

Friday on the Fox News Channel’s Special Report, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee stated that 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden did “the right thing” by admitting that his offensive claim on The Breakfast Club podcast that black Americans who don’t vote for him “ain’t black” “might not have been as funny” as it was supposedly meant to be.

Jackson Lee said Biden’s recent interview “was the right thing to do. And then as well, I think the right thing to do was to own up that it might not have been as funny as we might have thought originally, meaning the vice president. Because it was done in jest. And to be able to match his record up against his opponent any day.

“The vice president knows that he can’t take any community for granted, and particularly the African American community. I don’t believe he, in any way, is insensitive to the needs of this community.”

She’s trying to spin for Biden, because the fact is, his campaign-killing comment was not in jest, and the record he has is a long one of racial insensitivity.

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