Lee: $2k-a-Month Federal Benefit ‘Until the End of the Pandemic’

Lee: $2k-a-Month Federal Benefit ‘Until the End of the Pandemic’

December 30, 2020

Saturday on MSNBC’s Cross Connection, Rep. Barbara Lee urged congressional Republicans to green-light a $2,000-a-month cash payment to Americans for the duration of the pandemic.

After complaining falsely that Republicans resisted “doing the right thing” for the American people in terms of passing a second coronavirus relief bill, Lee went on to say that “in a lot of respects, their values are such that they really don’t care about people. Some didn’t even want this $600, and we call these ‘survival payments.’

“And you’re right, I mean, this $600, what is going to happen with people after they pay back rent or pay their check cashing — their check fees? What is going to happen to people in terms of their rent? We have a moratorium in the bill. Eight months ago, we put a moratorium on evictions. We put rental assistance in the legislation. We put more funding for tracing, contact tracing, testing, and vaccines targeted for communities of color. We’ve done a heck of a lot, and I know people don’t understand why there is such a divide in Congress, but I tell you, it has to do with their values. It has to do with them putting corporations, very wealthy donors first, and just leaving people out there because they really don’t care.”

Absolutely false. It is the Democrats who don’t care about the American people. It  is the Democrats who locked America down and crashed the economy. It is the Democrats who forced Republicans to stall the bill by packing it with massive amounts of pork which had nothing to do with coronavirus relief. It is the Democrats who exploited the misery of the American people by weaponizing the coronavirus against President Trump and the GOP. It is the Democrats who have no values other than the ruthless pursuit of power by any means necessary.

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