LeBron Mocks Rittenhouse for Crying During Trial Testimony

LeBron Mocks Rittenhouse for Crying During Trial Testimony

November 11, 2021

Wednesday on Twitter, race-mongering NBA blowhard LeBron James mocked teen Kyle Rittenhouse for crying during testimony in his trial for shooting three white, violent Black Lives Matter protesters in self-defense.

“What tears????? I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court,” James tweeted, sharing a video of the moment Rittenhouse broke down.

This, from a man who has been widely mocked for his terrible acting on the basketball court, pretending to be fouled and injured. His tweet about Rittenhouse was widely mocked too, and rightfully so.

In addition, James has a notorious reputation for poor sportsmanship, is a defender of the human rights monsters in the Chinese Communist regime, and once publicly threatened a white police officer who lawfully shot a black teenage girl to defend another black teenage girl from being stabbed, and . “You’re next” he tweeted ominously as he shared the innocent officer’s photograph all over social media.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a teenager who defended his life against three armed leftists who vowed to kill him, a teenager now being demonized as a white supremacist murderer by the mainstream media and mocked by a famous, multi-millionaire coward who whines about his racial victimization.

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