LeBron James Interrupts, Disrespects National Anthem

LeBron James Interrupts, Disrespects National Anthem

October 23, 2019

Prior to Tuesday’s NBA season-opener, Laker superstar and Communist Chinese regime supporter LeBron James disrespectfully interrupted the national anthem by shouting and stalking off the court.

Video shows that as the anthem played and the rest of his team still stood at attention, James stomped over to the bench, unzipping his warmup sweats and screaming “Let’s go!” to the crowd.

This anti-American display comes only a week after the arrogant egotist called critics of the totalitarian Communist regime in China “uneducated” for their support of the courageous pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, who have faced brutal repression.

His stance, and the NBA’s general sycophancy toward free speech-suppressing China, rightfully drew criticism from lovers of freedom, even among some of his fellow NBA players. In Hong Kong, thousands of citizens expressed their outrage by burning James’ jerseys and other merchandise.

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