LeBron Becomes First Active NBA Player to Become Billionaire

LeBron Becomes First Active NBA Player to Become Billionaire

June 2, 2022

Lakers star, puppet of the Chinese rludand social justice blowhard LeBron James has officially become the first active NBA player to obtain a net worth of $1 billion, according to Forbes.

Only $41 million worth of James’ financial fortune comes from the team he plays for. The rest comes from shoe, movie, and clothing deals, the lion’s share of which is connected to Nike, which is among one of the dozens of international corporations linked to slave labor in China.

As Breitbart News’ Warner Huston writes, LeBron’s sponsor Nike “is heavily invested in the Chinese market and is said to have raked in upwards of $6 billion in China in just the last year. And as it happens, James is one of Nike’s biggest-selling names in the Chinese market. Nike is listed among 83 international companies benefitting directly or indirectly from Chinese slave labor.”

Despite demonstrating a willingness to speak out on every single social justice issue and criticize his native country at will, James has remained silent on human rights abuses in China, even defending his communist benefactors when given the opportunity.

In 2019, when then-Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey dared to support free speech rights for protesters in Hong Kong, James “bravely” raced to Beijing’s defense, accusing Morey of being “uneducated,” even going so far as to say there was a downside to free speech.

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