LeBron, Barack Discuss Racial Justice on HBO’s ‘The Shop’

LeBron, Barack Discuss Racial Justice on HBO’s ‘The Shop’

October 29, 2020

Tuesday on HBO’s The Shop, NBA star/Black Lives Matter activist LeBron James joined former President Barack Obama to discuss issues such as the “NBA bubble” and the “racial justice movement.”

James shared a clip of the show on Twitter, in which he called Obama “My President.” James also said Obama was “giving us the perspective and motivation we need right now. GO VOTE!!!” Obama reportedly was the one who gave James the motivation to use playing NBA games as a platform to advocate for social justice.

In his own Twitter post about the show, Obama referred to the “NBA bubble” and the “racial justice movement” as two of the topics he and the wealthy, race-mongering, anti-American whiner James discussed.

“James has gotten a number of Black athletes to get involved with More Than A Vote,” Yahoo! Sports reported. “Obama included a link to the organization’s website in his tweet teasing his appearance on ‘The Shop.’” James has also created a “More Than A Vote” campaign to fight what he perceives to be voter suppression in black communities.

Nobody is suppressing black votes. Voter suppression is a boogeyman Progressives accuse Republicans of in an effort to distract from their own voter fraud.

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