L.A. Mayor Candidate Bass Took $95k ‘Scholarship’ from Scandal-Plagued USC

L.A. Mayor Candidate Bass Took $95k ‘Scholarship’ from Scandal-Plagued USC

November 12, 2021

The Los Angeles Times has reported that radical leftist Rep. Karen Bass, who launched a campaign for Los Angeles mayor in September, received a $95,000 “scholarship” while in Washington from the University of Southern California, which is currently embroiled in a bribery scandal.

“During Rep. Karen Bass’ first year in Congress in 2011, she contacted government ethics officials with a request: Could she accept a full scholarship for a graduate degree at USC,” the Times wrote. “The House Committee on Ethics cleared Bass’ request to accept the USC School of Social Work tuition award, ultimately valued at over $95,000.”

Some of her coursework was supervised by a prominent campaign donor who was also a USC professor at the time. And the then-dean of USC’s social work school, Marilyn Flynn, offered the scholarship to Bass even though she had not directly applied to the social work program, according to the Times.

Bass did not list the scholarship on public financial disclosures until 2018 — years after she graduated.

As Breitbart News notes, Bass has a history of sympathizing with communists like Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, she is considered the frontrunner among candidates to succeed outgoing Mayor Eric Garcetti in Dem-dominated Los Angeles.

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