Klain: ‘Ridiculous’ to Bash our COVID Response, ‘We’ve Done Our Jobs’

Klain: ‘Ridiculous’ to Bash our COVID Response, ‘We’ve Done Our Jobs’

February 9, 2022

During an interview aired on Friday’s PBS NewsHour, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain dismissed as “ridiculous” criticisms of the Biden administration for its COVID response, claiming laughably that “we’ve done our jobs” in terms of “making the tools available for people to manage the COVID response.”

Asked about growing criticism of the administration for mixed signals on boosters and on who’s in charge of COVID policy, Klain replied, “I think that’s ridiculous. Jeff Zients has been the director of the COVID response since the early days of the transition, and his leadership has been exceptional.”

Exceptional, indeed. Exceptionally worthless. Everything the administration has done in its pretense to fight COVID has been catastrophic for the American people: the damaging mask mandates, the economically destructive lockdowns, the useless vaccines and boosters, the assaults on freedom, the suppression of free speech — everything.

“So, we’ve done our jobs in terms of advancing this COVID response, making the tools available for people to manage the COVID response,” Klain insisted. “We have 75% of adults fully vaccinated. That last 25% needs to get over the finish line. They need to take advantage of the resources we provided that these — again, these free vaccines available within five miles of the homes of 92% of Americans. We’ve made the vaccines available. We’ve made the boosters available. We need the American people to take advantage of them.”

Klain acts as if getting these remaining, recalcitrant American “deplorables” vaccinated is all it will take to bring an end to the pandemic. Everyone can now see that the multiple, ongoing vaccination shots have proven to be not only useless in stopping the spread of the disease, but actually less effective than having no vaccinations. The shots are nothing but safety theater, designed to hide the truth that the Democrat Party has exploited the Chinese bio-weapon to seize power and expand control of the population by curtailing our civil liberties under the pretense of protecting us.

Klain is a propagandist for a totalitarian administration, its globalist allies, and a pharmaceutical industry that, every step of the way, has lied to the American people for power and profit.

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