KJP: ‘Dangerous’ to Say Trans Kids Can Hurt Girls in Sports

KJP: ‘Dangerous’ to Say Trans Kids Can Hurt Girls in Sports

June 14, 2023

In a press conference on Tuesday, White House press propagandist Karine Jean-Pierre called it “dangerous” to say that transgender athletes can potentially hurt girls in sporting events.

“What does the president say to parents out there who have daughters in high school, for example, who are worried that their daughters may have to compete against a male, a person born male, and there could be a direct physical competition, and worry about their daughter’s safety?” a reporter asked.

“Look, what you’re alluding to is that transgender kids are dangerous. It sounds like that’s what you’re saying,” she responded. “You’re laying out a broad example or explanation of what could potentially happen. That is dangerous. That is a dangerous thing to say. That essentially transgender kids are dangerous,” she said.

The reporter wasn’t suggesting, of course, that all “trans kids” are dangerous, only that girl athletes competing against biological males in contact sports are in danger of being physically overwhelmed and even brutalized.

High schools in Cherokee County, North Carolina, canceled volleyball matches against one school after a transgender athlete (a boy living as a girl) injured another girl during a match. The injury reportedly occurred when a Highlands High volleyball player made a spike and smashed a Hiwassee Dam High player in the forehead, causing severe head injuries.

The Hiwassee Dam player, a biological girl, suffered severe head and neck injuries, resulting in long-term concussion symptoms, including vision problems. The girl has still not yet been cleared to play again by her primary care physician or a neurologist,” reported Education First Alliance.

The Cherokee County Board of Education then voted 5-1 to declare a “safety issue” and canceled all games against Highlands High after coach and Cherokee Board Member Joe Wood said he had “never seen a hit like this before.

Also, last year, a female hockey player went to the ER during an “all-trans tournament” hosted by National Hockey League (NHL).

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