Jean-Pierre: ‘Completely, Utterly Wrong’ to Prohibit Classroom Discussion on Sexual Orientation

Jean-Pierre: ‘Completely, Utterly Wrong’ to Prohibit Classroom Discussion on Sexual Orientation

March 24, 2023

The Biden White House is disgusted by Florida’s efforts to keep discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity out of children’s classrooms, as White House press propagandist Karine Jean-Pierre referred to the move as “completely utterly wrong” and part of a “disturbing” trend.

“It’s wrong,” Jean-Pierre said when asked about Florida’s efforts to expand key tenets of the Parental Rights in Education law, which prohibits classroom discussions on sexual orientation or gender identity are for children in kindergarten through third grade. The Florida Board of Education is considering expanding that prohibition to include all grades.

“It’s completely utterly wrong. And we’ve been very clear, crystal clear about that when it comes to the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill and other actions that this governor has taken in the state of Florida,” Jean-Pierre continued, using the fake news label of the bill coined by woke, leftist activists who seek to inject the leftist agenda into children’s classrooms. As Breitbart News has reported before, the law does not ban a word or phrase, and the word “gay” is not even found in the text.

“But make no mistake, this is a part of a disturbing and dangerous trend that we’re seeing across the country of legislations that are anti LGBTQI+, anti trans, anti-the community in a way that we have not seen it in some time,” she added.

“Students should be spending their time in school learning core academic subjects, not being force-fed radical gender and sexual ideology,” Florida Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz Jr. said in reaction to the White House. “In Florida, we’re preserving the right of kids to be kids.”

DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin concurred. “There is no reason for instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity to be part of K-12 public education. Full stop,” he said.

Exactly right. The Left’s satanic agenda to sexualize children must be stopped.

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