Kerry: World ‘Doomed’ Unless ‘20 Countries’ Take Climate Action

Kerry: World ‘Doomed’ Unless ‘20 Countries’ Take Climate Action

September 8, 2021

During his remarks before Latin American leaders on Wednesday, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and Vietnam-era traitor John Kerry warned that “the rest of the world is doomed” unless the most egregious climate-offending countries take swift action.

“There are 20 countries that are responsible for about 80 percent of all the emissions in the world, and if those countries are not doing enough, the rest of the world is doomed by their actions — or lack of actions, as the case may be,” said Kerry.

“This is the moment,” he added. “We need the major economies, the 20 nations that constitute the 80 percent, to step up, and we need to lay out clear plans for what we will do.”

Kerry’s comments come after a failed trip to China, where Beijing rebuffed his call to cooperate on so-called “climate change” — because China puts its own nation’s interests first, a concept that is anathema to the globalist elites of America’s Biden administration, like Kerry.

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