Kerry Whines That Russia’s Not Doing Anything on Climate Front

Kerry Whines That Russia’s Not Doing Anything on Climate Front

August 28, 2023

In an interview with correspondent Paula Newton that aired Friday on CNN International’s Amanpour, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said that Russia is doing “almost nothing sufficient…with respect to emissions reduction” and it’s hard to have any climate talks with them due to their invasion of Ukraine.

Newton asked, “How do you feel about keeping the lines of communication open with [the Russians]?”

Kerry answered, “Well, that’s been very difficult. The war in Ukraine has really eliminated any kind of direct communication on this issue. And, with respect to this issue, Russia is one of the great problems that the world faces right now. There’s nothing, almost nothing sufficient happening with respect to emissions reduction in Russia, and obviously, this illegal, unprovoked, senseless war that they are prosecuting against Ukraine, has really made it extraordinarily difficult for any other kind of intervention to take place with Russia.”

Newton then asked, “You were Secretary of State when Russia first annexed Crimea in 2014, was there a red line there that was crossed that should not have been? I mean, if you look back on it now, what should have been done then, perhaps, to avoid what’s happening now in Ukraine?”

Kerry responded, “Well, I don’t think that takes you anywhere with respect to what the situation is today. The entire world did — I think 90-whatever percent, 98% of the world did not agree with President Putin’s unprovoked, illegal entry and illegal annexation of Crimea. And the policy of the United States at that time was that we didn’t recognize it and we were going to work to undo it. And that was where we were at the time, that’s where the world was at the time that President Putin decided to invade Ukraine.”

Translation: we’re plunging willingly into World War III with Russia, but it’s really irksome that they won’t get with our climate program.

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