Kerry Travels to Moscow to Talk Climate Change Despite Threat

Kerry Travels to Moscow to Talk Climate Change Despite Threat

July 13, 2021

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence Annual Threat Assessment reports that Russia is an ongoing threat to the United States, but the Biden administration is sending “Climate Envoy” John Kerry to Moscow to discuss dealing with climate change anyway, in order to save the planet.

The Threat Assessment report states, “Moscow will continue to employ a variety of tactics this year meant to undermine US influence, develop new international norms and partnerships, divide Western countries and weaken Western alliances, and demonstrate Russia’s ability to shape global events as a major player in a new multipolar international order.”

But apart from the domestic terror threat posed by white supremacists and Trump supporters, the Biden administration believes nothing is more important than the threat of supposedly man-made climate change. So, as Fox News reports, Kerry intends to push Russia to take a less lukewarm stance on fighting climate change and “is encouraging other governments to commit to tough targets to cut emissions ahead of a U.N. global climate summit later this year.”

This development follows Biden’s shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and halting energy production on public lands while waiving sanctions against Russian to allow construction of a pipeline to export oil to Germany.

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