Kerry: ‘There is No Leader of the Free World’

Kerry: ‘There is No Leader of the Free World’

April 22, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, former Secretary of State John Kerry scorned President Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, declaring that “There is no leader of the free world.”

“The truth is, and everybody in America is beginning to understand that this president is not leading now, he’s playing out an election strategy…” Kerry claimed. “He’s not leading. The fact that he’s attacking governors, he’s attacking members of the media…

“I’ve never seen any president, Republican or Democrat alike behave like that,” Kerry continued. “So, it may be entertaining as a reality show, but it has no relationship whatsoever to presidential leadership… The leader of the free world is actually absent right now. There is no leader of the free world.” He went on to say that other leaders see America as being in decline.

America in decline is precisely what globalist Kerry and his former boss Barack Obama sought. What Kerry can’t fathom is that Trump’s vision for America is to reclaim our starring role on the world stage instead of being just another ensemble player.

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