Kerry: Saving Planet, Not Human Rights, Our #1 Priority with China

Kerry: Saving Planet, Not Human Rights, Our #1 Priority with China

September 23, 2021

During an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday, Vietnam-era traitor and Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (which has to be one of the most ridiculous official titles ever concocted) John Kerry dismissed concerns about the U.S. putting China’s human rights violations on the back-burner by prioritizing climate change, stating that “life is always full of tough choices” and “first and foremost, this planet must be protected.”

“Well, life is always full of tough choices in the relationship between nations,” Kerry began. “Ronald Reagan thought the Soviet Union was the evil empire, and he continually directed a lot of energy at getting the Soviet Union to change. He then went to Reykjavik, met with Gorbachev, and decided together…you know what? This doesn’t make sense that we’re aiming 50,000 warheads at each other, that we’re always on the brink of potential conflict. And so, they turned that around.

“But the point I’m making is that, even as there were egregious human rights issues, which Ronald Reagan called them out on, we have to find a way forward to make the world safer, to protect our countries, and act in our interests. We can do and must do the same thing now. Yes, we have issues, a number of different issues. But first and foremost, this planet must be protected. We all need to do that for our people.”

The truth is that our decrepit, fraudulently-elected president Joe Biden is in China’s pocket, and we’re never going to pressure them about issues the Communist regime wants to avoid.

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