Kerry Promises U.N. $10 Billion Annually for ‘Climate Crisis’

Kerry Promises U.N. $10 Billion Annually for ‘Climate Crisis’

March 14, 2022

At a U.N. Security Council meeting Wednesday on “Climate Finance for Sustaining Peace and Security,” climate czar John Kerry told the globalist body that President Biden is committed to increasing U.S. funding to developing countries by upwards of $10 billion annually to help combat the purported “climate crisis.”

Kerry reiterated his commitment to soak U.S. taxpayers in order to help redistribute wealth to poorer countries that need it most.

Last September Biden promised to increase annual U.S. climate finance to over $11 billion. “And that increase is going to help us to deliver on $100 billion,” Kerry said. “We’re doing just a little bit shy of that for 2022. It is absolutely clear we will have it for 2023. I still think we can get it for 2022.”

But to totally fund the economic transition that all countries must make to tackle the climate boogeyman, Kerry said “it’s going to require not just $100 billion but trillions of dollars.”

Trillions of dollars to save the planet. Elections have consequences.

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