Kerry: Confront Climate Change or Face Global ‘Suicide Pact’

Kerry: Confront Climate Change or Face Global ‘Suicide Pact’

April 12, 2021

In an interview Thursday during his recent trip to India, John Kerry, Vietnam-era traitor and current Special Envoy for Climate Change, warned that countries must take immediate action on purportedly man-made climate change to avoid a “mutual suicide pact across the planet.”

Kerry has been traveling thousands of miles in a planet-destroying private jet to urge leaders in India, Bangladesh, and the United Arab Emirates “to make a profound push to combat climate change in the months and years ahead.”

The Washington Post reported that Kerry said countries must work together to confront it, or else face a “mutual suicide pact across the planet.”

While the “America Last” Biden administration will undertake a drastic plan to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by around 50% between now and 2030, other countries will allow the United States to bear the economic burden as they continue ravaging the planet in order to become more prosperous world powers themselves.

For example: the world’s first and fourth biggest greenhouse gas offenders, China and India, are predicted to have higher emissions in 2030. Russia, the fifth largest emitter, hasn’t even bothered to make a pledge.

Sounds like the only country committing suicide is Joe Biden’s America.

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