Kerry: Climate Strategy ‘Modeled’ on COVID Vaccine Rollout

Kerry: Climate Strategy ‘Modeled’ on COVID Vaccine Rollout

November 9, 2022

At a COP27 panel in Egypt on Tuesday, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said the World Economic Forum’s “First Movers Coalition” climate change agenda was “modeled” off the effort to roll out vaccines during the COVID pandemic.

“We have an enormous challenge before us to bring to scale new technologies and to harness the deeply capable capacity of private sector entrepreneurs in order to bring them to the table because without it, no government has enough money… we need everybody behind this,” Kerry said in a speech.

“The idea behind the launch of the First Movers Coalition is pretty straightforward: we needed to create demand signals in the market where they didn’t exist, which takes boldness, it takes courage from these executives who have made the decision to be a part of this,” Kerry continued to blather.

“We modeled it somewhat on the experience on what happened with vaccines, the government said ‘we’ll pay for it, build it,’ and the same thing with SpaceX, if you build it we are going to use it and we’ll pay for it.

“People who were putting capital at risk knew that they could get a return on that capital or at least cover their expenses in the case of something like vaccines, where human life was so at risk. Well, human life is at risk now in the context of the challenges of the global climate crisis,” Kerry fear-mongered.

And yet climate-related deaths have been steadily declining over the past century as prosperity has seen billions of people become more insulated from the deadly impacts of weather events such as hurricanes and floods. Climate expert Bjorn Lomborg noted last year that nearly half a million people died from “storms, floods, droughts, wildfires and extreme temperatures,” a year a century ago while in 2020, just 14,000 died in similar events.

“That’s almost 99% less than the death toll a century ago,” Lomborg wrote. “The global population has quadrupled since then, so this is an even bigger drop than it looks.”

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