Kerry: America is in a ‘Dangerous Place’ Under Trump

Kerry: America is in a ‘Dangerous Place’ Under Trump

January 14, 2020

Monday on MSNBC’s Hardball, former Secretary of State John Kerry declared that America is in a “dangerous place” under the leadership of President Trump.

Claiming that Trump “almost” got us into war with Iran and “has obviously not achieved anything with North Korea,” Kerry compained, “He pulled us out of the Paris Agreement. Everybody in the world knows that the evidence of what is happening in terms of climate change facts on the ground is growing and growing and growing with extraordinary danger to the world. Americans are already dying from this in fires, in floods, in storms, in mudslides. And the president is sitting there saying this is a Chinese hoax. So we’re in a very dangerous place. Nuclear arms agreements have been chucked away…

“We are in a dangerous place,” Kerry reiterated, “and I think people know it.”

What people know is that we were in a dangerous place under Kerry’s boss Barack Obama, but Trump is reestablishing our dominance on the world stage.

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