Kendi: ‘So Many Students’ Angry They Didn’t Learn About Slavery, Systemic Racism in School

June 10, 2021

Tuesday on CBS This Morning, bestselling race hustler and Critical Race Theory enthusiast Ibram X. Kendi claimed that “so many students” have come to his classrooms “angry” because they never learned about systemic racism and racism in high school.

Asked about the “push in schools across the country from Republicans, in particular, to emphasize the more patriotic, in their view, elements of our history” and to reject the teaching of systemic racism, Kendi replied, “I think I am sympathetic to teachers and educators everywhere who are committed to doing our jobs, and our job is, to tell the truth. Our job is to tell the good and the bad. Our job is to tell the light and the darkness. And I think that’s what students want.”

Yes, truth-telling should be a element of education. But that’s not what Kendi is doing. He is inculcating in his impressionable students a divisive, ugly, racist ideology that will warp their entire worldview and turn this nation against itself.

“And I know I’ve had so many students who have come to my classrooms and colleges angry that they did not learn about systemic racism and even about slavery during their K-through-12 years,” Kendi added.

There isn’t a single child in America who was not taught about American slavery in grades K-12. If they weren’t also taught that America is systemically racist, that’s because it is not. Slavery? Systemic racism. Jim Crow laws? Systemic racism. America ended both of those and is now the freest, most egalitarian, and least racist society in history. That’s truth-telling.