Kendi Made Univ of Wisconsin Delete Botched Video Speech

Kendi Made Univ of Wisconsin Delete Botched Video Speech

December 10, 2021

The Federalist reported that Critical Race Theory enthusiast and race huckster Ibram X. Kendi (real name Ibram Rogers) was reportedly paid nearly $45,000 by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to promote his bestselling books and to train faculty and students in his racist “anti-racism” ideas. Kendi also made the university delete his lecture from a private server after apparently blowing his response to someone who asked if coronavirus vaccine mandates are racist.

The Federalist noted that the fee for “An Evening with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi,” which took place on September 2, breaks down thusly:

$30,000 for 60-minute event conversation

$5,000 for 45-minute meet and greet with UWM student leaders

$5,000 60-minute professional development session on anti-racism with a group of UWM faculty and staff

$3,500 for airfare and meals for two people

It’s unclear why Kendi made the university delete his remarks, but Mythinformed — a Milwaukee-based nonprofit that promotes critical thinking and viewpoint diversity — alleged Kendi forced UWM to delete the event “because we asked him if vaccine mandates are racist policies.”

“Instead of standing on principle, he offered a horrible answer that exposed him,” the group added. “He then contacted Twitter to lock us out for sharing the video. We still have the receipts.”

Twitter locked Mythinformed’s account after it shared a video of Kendi evading the question regarding vaccine mandates, which fit his definition of systemic racism by disproportionately affecting black Americans. Kendi’s silence put him at odds with the stance of the black supremacists of the Black Lives Matter organization on the issue.

Kendi was able to scuttle the video because of an “audiovisual recording addendum” clause in his contract, which gives him the copyright to event recordings.

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