Kendi: Conservatives Grooming Children to Become Racist

Kendi: Conservatives Grooming Children to Become Racist

April 20, 2022

In an op-ed written for The Atlantic, bestselling race hustler Ibram X. Kendi suggests that those who object to the teaching of the neo-Marxist, race-essentialist Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools are actually “grooming” children to become racist.

“[If] Republicans really cared about white children, then they would be worried about white-supremacist grooming,” wrote Kendi, whose real name is the much less exotic-sounding Ibram Henry Rogers. “This is the grooming that parents of all children should be worried about.”

You know what pushes some white kids to consider embracing “white supremacy”? The blatantly anti-white racism of Critical Race Theory and its proponents like Ibram Henry Rogers.

The author of Anti-Racist Baby, which teaches your baby to be racist, claims that “white-supremacist recruiters” are active online in chats for multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. Ibram Henry Rogers believes children are safer in classrooms, where kids “can explore the complex history of racism and the interracial body of anti-racist resisters. White kids can learn about the violence of white settler colonialists and enslavers — and the white-supremacist ideology they embraced.”

The divisive race-monger concludes by smearing the Republican Party as “the party of white supremacy”:

The Republican Party is not the party of parents raising white kids. The Republican Party is not the party of parents raising girls, raising trans kids, raising kids of color, raising queer kids, raising poor kids, raising immigrant kids. The Republican Party is making it harder for all of these kids to learn about themselves and their histories. The Republican Party is stripping parents and educators of their collective ability to protect vulnerable children from being indoctrinated by — or victimized by — the scourge of white supremacy.

This is all just fact-free, bigoted demagoguery. Kendi and his ilk are black supremacists dividing Americans and exacerbating racial resentment through the indoctrination of their hateful ideology.

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