Kemp: Abrams Is ‘Biggest Flip-Flopper’ Since Kerry on Boycott

Kemp: Abrams Is ‘Biggest Flip-Flopper’ Since Kerry on Boycott

April 6, 2021

Monday on the Fox News Channel, Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp called the Democratic Party’s voter fraud maven and failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams the “biggest flip-flopper since John Kerry” over her stance on corporations boycotting her home state’s recent voter integrity law.

Host Martha MacCallum asked, “Is there anything that’s going to chance in this law now that it is on the books? Has any of this pressure made anybody in that legislature alter any of this at this point?”

“I think just the contrary,” Kemp replied. “I think people are ready to double down and get the truth out there. [Stacey Abrams’ remarks] is the biggest flip-flop since John Kerry that I have ever seen for someone who has been pressuring these corporations, pressuring Major League Baseball [to move the All-Star Game out of state in protest of the law], and now come out after the fact and say, ‘Don’t boycott’?

“People are getting screwed in this,” Kemp continued. “It’s the small, hard-working business people that are up in Cobb County. And then metro-area Atlanta is going to be hurt by the All-Star Game being pulled from here.”

True, but Democrats don’t care whom their protests hurt. All they care about is maintaining their false, ugly narrative that election integrity is racist.

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