Keith Ellison Compares Justice Thomas to House Slave Character

Keith Ellison Compares Justice Thomas to House Slave Character

July 17, 2023

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison went on a racially-charged rant in an interview last week with Detroit’s Michigan Chronicle, comparing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to the house slave character in Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 film Django Unchained.

Thomas, the second black justice to sit on the bench, sided with the 6-3 majority ruling in June to outlaw race considerations in the college admissions process, arguing in his opinion that individuals are the “sum of their unique experiences, challenges, and accomplishments.”

Ellison said Thomas’ decision put him in line with the character “Stephen,” played by Samuel L. Jackson in Django Unchained. In the film, Stephen is a sadist who remains loyal to his master, the film’s antagonist, Calvin Candie, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Anybody who’s watched the movie ‘Django,’ just watch Stephen and you see Clarence Thomas,” Ellison said. “Clarence Thomas has decided that his best personal interest is siding with the powerful and the special interests regardless as to who they’re going to hurt. He’s like, I’m looking out for me, and I don’t care nothing about you, but I’m on the Supreme Court so it’s my job to look out for you.’ So he’s abdicating his responsibility. He has abdicated it a long time ago. When he got in office, he was this way. He’s this way now, maybe he’s worse now.”

Ellison argued that Thomas’ position on the High Court is “illegitimate” and that he should be impeached.

“So, Clarence Thomas needs to be impeached,” he continued. “Clarence Thomas is illegitimate and has no basis in the job that he’s in. And it’s a lesson to us as African Americans. What is the lesson? We all thought, well, he’s a Black man raised in the Deep South. He knows what racism and segregation is, he knows what affirmative action is. He’s going to come around one day.”

“Understand that it’s not a matter of pigment. It’s not what’s on your skin, it’s what’s in your mind,” he added.

But for racist leftists like Ellison, it absolutely is a matter of pigment, because they demand that a black Supreme Court Justice conform to their stereotypical expectation of what “real” blacks should believe and how they should vote. And when Ellison smears Clarence Thomas as a “house slave,” he’s absolutely making it a matter of pigment.

Black leftists hate nothing more than fellow blacks who free themselves from the Democrat plantation, think independently, and refuse to drape themselves in the mantle of victimization.

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