Karen Bass Calls Border Situation ‘Human Rights Abuse’

Karen Bass Calls Border Situation ‘Human Rights Abuse’

June 26, 2019

Tuesday on CNN’s New Day, Rep. Karen Bass claimed that the Trump administration is torturing migrant children in detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“This is a human rights abuse,” Bass said. “This is such a stain on our country. I have spent the last 20-plus years working to transform our nation’s child welfare system. And this is a situation, like my tweet said, if any parent did anything that is going on on the border, the children would literally be taken away and put in foster care. You can’t tell me that this problem cannot be solved…

“And I am sorry, but hearing about children walking around in soiled diapers, hearing about children taking care of toddlers, you are talking about straight up child abuse, and I think that this needs to be condemned internationally, frankly,” she added.

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