Kamala: ‘We Have to Reimagine How We Achieve Public Safety’

Kamala: ‘We Have to Reimagine How We Achieve Public Safety’

June 26, 2020

Thursday on Watch What Happens Live, transgender Hollywood star Laverne Cox and failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris pushed for the defunding of the police, with Kamala declaring that putting more cops on the streets is “just wrong.”

“The fact that there’s a national conversation about defunding the police, I think is remarkable,” gushed Cox, “and that people of all races are having that conversation is really exciting to me.” Good for you.

Harris added that the movement is really about “reimagining public safety”: “For far too long, the status quo thinking has been to believe that to put more police on the street, you’re going to have more safety. And that’s just wrong. That’s not how it works… “We have to reimagine how we achieve public safety,” she added.

Actually, that is how it works. Crime rates — especially violent crime — skyrocket when police presence is reduced, and they drop when the police are allowed to do their jobs without the interference of virtue-signaling leftwing politicians.

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