Kamala Uses ‘Wordle’ Phone Game as a ‘Brain Cleanser’

Kamala Uses ‘Wordle’ Phone Game as a ‘Brain Cleanser’

April 19, 2022

In an interview with The Ringer, epically incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris revealed that she plays the popular word game Wordle on her phone as a way to reduce stress. “For me, it’s a brain cleanser,” she said.

“I mean, I think that the design of Wordle is genius,” she said. “First of all, five letters, but also only one word a day, right? It’s really genius.”

She said she was first introduced to the game by her son, and now she tries to squeeze in game time while traveling with “13-14-hour days” and “little sleep.”

“Wordle, for me, is like a brain cleanser,” she said. “It’s in the middle of very long days, back-to-back meetings on a lot of intense issues. If I have a break, let’s say that people are running late or my little 25 minutes for lunch, sometimes while I’m eating I’ll figure out Wordle.”

Harris boasted she has a perfect score on the game, which she sometimes plays at night in bed.

“It just depends on the day, right?” she said. “If I was able to get to it during the day — if not, definitely in bed at night. And again, for me it’s a brain cleanser.”

If her rambling responses to simple media questions are any indication, Wordle has done too good a job of cleansing her brain.

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