Kamala Tries Another Cooking Video to Seem Relatable

Kamala Tries Another Cooking Video to Seem Relatable

November 26, 2019

Desperate to seem likeable and relatable to voters, failing White House candidate Kamala Harris participated in yet another lengthy cooking video, this time prepping Indian food with actress Mindy Kaling.

“So we’re both Indian,” Kaling explained. “But actually, we’re both South Indian.” Harris talked about the South Indian food she grew up eating. “This is exactly what my mother would do,” she said of spices in Taster’s Choice jars. “So when I walked in and saw this, literally, I didn’t know it was actually a thing among our people.”

“OK, Senator Harris, I say this with respect, you’re kind of a show-off,” the celeb said at one point. “It’s like, meanwhile it’s taking me 20 minutes to do this much ginger. OK, what can’t she do? You got my vote… Maybe when you’re in the White House, I can come and cook you a meal,” she added. “I’m so honored and excited to vote for you,” Kaling gushed.

Harris is averaging just 3.3% support in Iowa, 2% in New Hampshire, 4% in Nevada, 8% in her home state of California, and 4% nationally, according to Breitbart.

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