Kamala Talks Climate Change in Asia While Afghanistan Burns

Kamala Talks Climate Change in Asia While Afghanistan Burns

August 24, 2021

Worthless Vice President Kamala Harris, who so far has managed to completely ignore her administration’s ongoing Afghanistan exit debacle, is now being forced to discuss it on her trip to Asia as media inquires about Afghanistan overshadow the purpose of her trip.

“Reporters’ preoccupation with the Afghan withdrawal on Monday overshadowed a series of new U.S.-Singapore agreements unveiled to coincide with the vice-president’s arrival,” CBS reported. “In prepared remarks to rolling cameras, both Harris and Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong focused on cooperation on COVID prevention and regional stability, but in an open question and answer session that followed, reporters focused on Afghanistan…”

How awkward for her.

Harris did visit with sailors on the U.S.S. Tulsa, which was docked at Singapore’s Changi Naval Base. She said she knew they had their eyes on what was happening in Kabul, so she offered them some uninspiring bullshit.

“The reason I am here is because the U.S. is a global leader, and we take that role seriously,” Harris lied. In fact, the Biden administration is dismantling the U.S.’ global leadership, and Kamala, who cackles like a hyena in literally every public appearance, never demonstrates that she takes any American problem seriously.

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