Kamala Says She Marched for Civil Rights in a Stroller

Kamala Says She Marched for Civil Rights in a Stroller

January 6, 2021

Democrat VP pick Kamala Harris is getting some negative attention over her claim in an October Elle magazine interview that she was a civil rights activist even as a small child — partly because it likely was lifted from a suspiciously similar story told by Martin Luther King Jr.

“[Harris] remembers being wheeled through an Oakland, California, civil rights march in a stroller with no straps with her parents and her uncle,” Elle recounted. “At some point, she fell from the stroller (few safety regulations existed for children’s equipment back then), and the adults, caught up in the rapture of protest, just kept on marching. By the time they noticed little Kamala was gone and doubled back, she was understandably upset. “My mother tells the story about how I’m fussing,” Harris says, “and she’s like, ‘Baby, what do you want? What do you need?’ And I just looked at her and I said, ‘Fweedom.’”

As Breitbart News notes, that eye-rolling, self-mythologizing fantasy bears a striking resemblance to a January 1965 Playboy interview with Martin Luther King, Jr., in which he recalls, “I never will forget a moment in Birmingham when a white policeman accosted a little Negro girl, seven or eight years old, who was walking in a demonstration with her mother. ‘What do you want?’ the policeman asked her gruffly, and the little girl looked him straight in the eye and answered, ‘Fee-dom.’”

The Progressive sycophants at Elle concluded, “If there’s anything we can know about Senator Kamala Harris… when it comes to freedom, she will fight.” Actually, if there’s anything we can know about Harris, it’s that when it comes to power, she will do anything — including plagiarizing MLK — to acquire it.

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