Kamala: ‘Restructure’ Economy to Ensure ‘Equitable Distribution’

Kamala: ‘Restructure’ Economy to Ensure ‘Equitable Distribution’

December 15, 2021

At a forum hosted by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Kamala Harris — the most incompetent Vice President in American history — called Tuesday for a restructuring of the country’s purportedly racist economic system to ensure an “equitable distribution of resources.”

“Some of these designs were just designed not to benefit the people that we’re talking about,” Kamala stated. “Or the better way to say this, it was designed to benefit other people,” she added with her usual cackle.

“It’s not only about a state of mind in terms of this new approach; it’s about restructuring a system,” she added. “Part of the challenge of ensuring equal access and the equitable distribution of resources is the people need to know their rights.”

“Let’s remember that black and brown homebuyers were charged twice as much in terms of interest rates,” she said, referring to the foreclosure crisis when she was Attorney General of California. “It’s a very blatant cause and effect,” she said, cackling again.

This is the left’s agenda of “economic justice,” as she put it: racial payback and the redistribution of wealth. It’s an agenda designed to keep Americans divided by race and class, and to fundamentally transform the country into a one-party, totalitarian, socialist state.

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