Kamala: No More Witnesses Means No Fair Trial

Kamala: No More Witnesses Means No Fair Trial

January 31, 2020

During MSNBC’s coverage of the Senate impeachment trial of the president, Senator and failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris claimed on Friday that Senate Republicans are preventing a “fair trial” by denying Democrats any more witnesses, and that President Trump cannot “prance around saying he’s been exonerated” if no further Democrat witnesses are called.

“I’m going to tell you something, he cannot get away with—and none of us should allow him to prance around saying he’s been exonerated when there has not been a fair trial,” Harris said. “I’ll repeat myself: there can be no true exoneration if there has not been a fair trial.”

Fair trial? The Democrats have produced 17 witnesses — while denying Republicans any of their own — and tens of thousands of document pages in support of their so-called “open and shut” case. And yet they complain that they need more to prove their case, or it’s not fair.

This impeachment is a farce and the Democrats know it, but their strategy is simply to keep lying and blaming the GOP to the very end.

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