Kamala Mocked for Childlike Explanation of Ukraine Crisis

Kamala Mocked for Childlike Explanation of Ukraine Crisis

March 3, 2022

It’s becoming impossible for the administration to conceal that incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris is just as mentally challenged as her decrepit boss Joe Biden.

During an appearance on the syndicated Morning Hustle radio show, Kamala was asked to explain the conflict “in layman’s terms for people who don’t understand what’s going on and how can this directly affect the people of the United States?”

Speaking slowly, Harris began, “So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So, basically, that’s wrong, and it goes against everything that we stand for.”

“She just has a real inability to talk normally to [people],” tweeted Washington Examiner executive editor Seth Mandel “Layman’s terms doesn’t mean ‘assume the audience has never heard of Russia.’ Layman’s terms just means don’t answer ‘the parallel trends of NATO enlargement and post-Soviet de-nuclearization in the 90s really set us on the path to the failed Minsk Agreement.’ You may use, without defining, words such as ‘Russia.’”

“Apparently Vice President Kamala Harris believes the average American layperson is aged 4,” wrote The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech. “You will hear higher levels of explanation of international affairs in [children’s show] Peppa Pig.”

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