Kamala: McConnell Engaged in Impeachment ‘Cover-up’

Kamala: McConnell Engaged in Impeachment ‘Cover-up’

December 24, 2019

Failed presidential candidate and former corrupt California Attorney General Kamala Harris suggested in a tweet on Sunday that Senate Republicans led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are engaging in an impeachment “cover-up.”

“Mitch McConnell has already signaled he has no interest in a fair trial. He’s preventing witnesses from testifying and all but announced a verdict. This isn’t a trial—it’s a cover-up,” she concluded.

“I’ve never been in a courtroom where the accused can unilaterally block witnesses from testifying or prohibit prosecutors from asking witnesses questions,” she wrote in another tweet over the weekend. “Yet that’s what Trump and McConnell are doing. No court would let a trial to proceed this way—and neither should the Senate.”

Harris is engaging in a cover-up herself; her false accusations are a desperate attempt to cover up the partisan, unconstitutional nature of the Democrats’ sham impeachment of President Trump.



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