Kamala Heading to Nashville to Support the ‘Tennessee Three’

Kamala Heading to Nashville to Support the ‘Tennessee Three’

April 7, 2023

Epically incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris is heading to Nashville to support the “Tennessee Three” lawmakers who voted against a school safety bill yesterday that seeks to place an armed guard in every school, according to Breitbart News.

Reps. Gloria Johnson (D), Justin Jones (D), and Justin Pearson (D), voted against the school safety bill on the same day that votes were scheduled to remove them from office for allegedly breaking House rules.

The Tennessee House voted to expel two of the lawmakers — Jones and Pearson — while Johnson narrowly missed being expelled as well.

Kamala reportedly will travel to Nashville to support the three.

The VP airhead said, “Six people, including three children, were killed last week in a school shooting in Nashville. How did Republican lawmakers in Tennessee respond? By expelling their colleagues who stood with Tennesseans and said enough is enough. This is undemocratic and dangerous.”

That’s not what happened.

The Christian school, which was attacked on March 27, lacked an armed resource officer.  The bill Johnson, Jones, and Pearson, voted against Thursday morning would place an armed guard in every school and “allow private schools to partner with local police for school security efforts, and require Tennessee Department of Homeland Security agents to be placed in each county to evaluate and support school safety plans in both public and private schools.”

All three chose to disrupt the proceedings in juvenile ways that prompted their colleagues to vote on expelling them.

Shouldn’t Kamala be doing something useful instead like fixing the border crisis she was tasked with?

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