Kamala Harris Vows to Offer Amnesty in First 100 Days

Kamala Harris Vows to Offer Amnesty in First 100 Days

December 10, 2020

In a speech at the National Immigrant Integration Conference, self-declared VP-Elect Kamala Harris declared that she and Joe Biden plan to undo President Trump’s immigration reforms and offer amnesty to all 11 to 22 million illegal aliens in the U.S. — and a restart of immigration from countries that export terrorism.

“In our first 100 days, we will send an immigration bill to Congress, reinstate DACA, repeal harmful and discriminatory policies like the Muslim ban,” Harris said. “And during our administration, we will repeal indiscriminate enforcement policies that tear families apart and make us less safe.”

Fact check: Trump never implemented a Muslim ban, but Democrat liars have weaponized the myth that he did. And repealing Trump’s immigration reforms will make all Americans less safe. But the left doesn’t care about that; the left cares about opening up borders to flood the country with government-dependent immigrants that they hope will swell the Democrat voter base.

As Breitbart News notes, “The ending of Trump’s travel ban by Biden would come as the overwhelming majority of Americans support such immigration restrictions. Last month, 5-in-6 voters said they supported travel bans to slow the spread of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, and in November 2018, more than 4-in-9 Americans said they supported travel bans on Muslim-majority countries…

“The nation’s decades-long mass immigration consensus in Washington, D.C. has surged the level of foreign workers in the U.S. labor market with whom working and middle class Americans are forced to compete for jobs.”

Biden and Harris will be a demographic disaster for the United States of America.

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