Kamala Harris: Trump ‘Will Not Condemn White Supremacists’

Kamala Harris: Trump ‘Will Not Condemn White Supremacists’

October 1, 2020

Tuesday night on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, Democrat VP pick Kamala Harris claimed President Trump not only refuses to condemn “white supremacists” but that he was sending them a “dog whistle through a bullhorn.”

Anchor Brian Williams said, “The president held an event recently at the national archives, and the centerpiece of that was to make a change in parts of the American school curriculum. Unheard of at the presidential level, the way he did it. He said tonight it was because the curriculum was teaching people to hate our country. But here’s my question. Did we witness dog whistle in real-time when he said the following, quote, ‘if you were a certain person, you have no status in life?’ It was sort of a reversal.”

“What we saw was a dog whistle through a bullhorn,” the grandstanding liar Harris said. “Donald Trump is not pretending to be anything other than what he is, is someone who will not condemn white supremacists, someone who cannot say the phrase, Black Lives Matter, someone who is getting rid of training of federal employees around the issue of race and the need to be aware of implicit bias. It’s not a dog whistle. Literally, he’s talking through a bullhorn.”

Trump has publicly and repeatedly condemned white supremacists. The training he opposes is Critical Race Theory — a subversive, anti-American, Marxist ideology which does not teach racial sensitivity but racial division — and MSNBC is running interference for it.

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