Kamala Harris Plummets in Polls

Kamala Harris Plummets in Polls

August 7, 2019

After the second Democrat debate in which Rep. Tulsi Gabbard attacked her record as California’s attorney general, Sen. Kamala Harris plummeted in polling to just 1% of support among black Democrats.

The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows Harris is now in fourth place at 7% among her party’s White House competitors, behind Joe Biden with 47%, Sen. Bernie Sanders with 16%, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 8%.

There are now just as many black Democrat primary voters who support former Gov. John Hickenlooper, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and businessman Andrew Yang as Harris.

In the same poll a month ago, Harris stood at 27% among black Democrats, second only to Biden with black primary voters. In that poll, Harris was in second place with 20% after Biden but ahead of other leading contenders like Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg.

Trailing amid the crucial black voting bloc could kill Harris’ shot at the White House.

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