Kamala Harris Gets Defensive After Dem Debate Debacle

Kamala Harris Gets Defensive After Dem Debate Debacle

August 1, 2019

After White House hopeful Tulsi Gabbard rocked higher-polling competitor Kamala Harris on her heels in the Democrat debate Wednesday, Harris seemed unable to counter her attacks, and feigned disdain.

In the debate, Gabbard drew cheers and applause for slamming Harris over her abuses of power as California attorney general. Harris did not, or could not, directly refute the claims either during or after the debate.

Instead, both Harris and her campaign press secretary Ian Sams later labeled Gabbard an “apologist” for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, with whom Gabbard met in 2017 to discuss an end to the Syrian civil war. Also, Sams tweeted an article suggesting that Gabbard is being backed by the “Russian propaganda machine.”

Calling herself a”top-tier candidate,” Harris said dismissively, “I can only take what [Gabbard] says and her opinion so seriously. And so, you know, I’m prepared to move on.” But Gabbard may have knocked her off her pedestal.

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