Kamala Dredges Up Old Access Hollywood Tape in Impeachment

Kamala Dredges Up Old Access Hollywood Tape in Impeachment

January 30, 2020

Failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris presented a written question during the Senate impeachment trial on Wednesday in which she referenced the old Access Hollywood recording of President Trump.

“President Nixon said, quote, ‘When the president does it that means that it is not illegal.’ End quote. Before he was elected, President Trump said, quote, ‘When you’re a star they let you do it, you can do anything,’ end quote,” Harris’ note read. “If the Senate fails to hold the president accountable for misconduct, how would that undermine the integrity of our system of justice?” the note continued.

Harris’ point was that Trump’s comment was another example of how he believes he is above the law.

The Access Hollywood tape from 2005 was used by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to embarrass Trump ahead of the 2016 election. Needless to say, it didn’t work, because Americans didn’t care about a comment Trump made in a private conversation nearly 12 years earlier, and they don’t care now.


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