Kamala Draws Sarcastic Fire After Yet Another Inane Statement

Kamala Draws Sarcastic Fire After Yet Another Inane Statement

July 12, 2023

At a roundtable on Tuesday with disability rights leaders to discuss transportation accessibility, Vice President Kamala Harris incurred a tidal wave of sarcasm after making a painfully obvious observation about the issue.

Kamala, already infamous for her many inane public “word salads,” declared at the roundtable, “This issue of transportation is fundamentally about just making sure that people have the ability to get where they need to go! It’s that basic.”

“Are the Biden people forcing her to come off dumber than he is?” Townhall columnist Derek Hunter wrote in a tweet.

“Kamala Harris gives voice to thought and then this nonsense comes out. She can’t be serious,” Republican communicator Steve Guest wrote.

Chad Gilmartin, the deputy spokesman for Speaker Kevin McCarthy wrote a sarcastic question in response to Harris’ statement: “Fundamentally, yes. But then again, could it not also be said that transportation is about transporting people from one area of transport to another?” he tweeted.

Many commentators sarcastically praised Harris as if she had shared important wisdom.

“She’s a genius,” OutKick’s Tomi Lahren wrote.

Campus conservative advocacy organization Lone Conservative wrote, “She really has a way with words.”

Radio host Julie Gunlock wrote that Harris is a “National treasure.”

“Insightful!” Fox News columnist Liz Peek wrote.

Republican social media and digital strategist Alex Sears declared, “She’s solved it!”

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