Kaine: ‘We Have All 50′ Dems Onboard for Voting Protections

Kaine: ‘We Have All 50′ Dems Onboard for Voting Protections

August 10, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin Reports, Sen. Tim Kaine said that all 50 Senate Democrats support a “robust” package on voting rights.

“We have all 50 Democrats onboard with the very robust set of protections that include elements of the John Lewis Act and the For the People Act,” Kaine said. “We don’t have a single Republican with us. That is no surprise. They’re not going to join with us. So, I am talking to all of my colleagues…

“The weight of history is on our shoulders to try to defend this democracy,” Kaine pontificated, “and voting rights is critical to that. Joe Manchin is not in favor of getting rid of the filibuster. There are all kinds of filibuster reforms that can be made that the Senate is willing to make in the past, and we should be willing to make them now. Nothing in our oath talks about the filibuster. Our oath talks about defending the Constitution. We have an attack on it to overturn the peaceful transfer of power, and we have to respond.”

Kaine and his compatriots have created a narrative that brave, patriotic Democrats are rescuing democracy from a Trumpian, fascist coup. The truth is that there never was a coup attempt at the Capitol on Jan. 6, and that the Democrats themselves fraudulently stole the 2020 election. It is Kaine and his ilk who are the enemies of democracy.

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