Kaine: ‘The Weight of History’ is on Dems to Defend Democracy

Kaine: ‘The Weight of History’ is on Dems to Defend Democracy

July 15, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin Reports, failed vice-presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine said ” that all 50 Senate Democrats support a “robust” package on voting.

Kaine said, “January 6 changed the way we look at this issue. The Trump big lie about the election being stolen that he perpetrated for months led to this violent attack. The second lie is motivating legislatures and states, and Republicans control everything. To try to take away people’s voting rights. They may not be wearing Camp Auschwitz t-shirts and battling and battering policemen, you know, down with fence posts, but they’re using the same big lie to try to curtail our democracy.”

Fact checks: 1) there was no violent attack January 6 on the Capitol to curtail democracy; 2) the GOP is not trying to take away the voting rights of any citizens; and 3) Kaine is a lying, hysteric demagogue.

Kaine added, “We have all 50 Democrats onboard with the very robust set of protections that include elements of the John Lewis Act and the For the People Act. We don’t have a single Republican with us. That is no surprise. They’re not going to join with us. So, I am talking to all of my colleagues… Two thousand senators in our history have been in this chamber. Only 100 were here when there was an attempt to attack it to stop the peaceful transfer of power. The weight of history is on our shoulders to try to defend this democracy, and voting rights is critical to that.”

What pompous projection. The Democrats trashed democracy by stealing the 2020 election through demonstrable, massive voter fraud, and now they are fighting with everything they’ve got against Republican efforts to curtail such fraud. Kaine and his fellow Party members care only about power, not democracy.

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