Kaine: ‘Not Biden’s Business’ to Answer Court Packing Question

Kaine: ‘Not Biden’s Business’ to Answer Court Packing Question

October 13, 2020

Appearing Monday on the Fox News Channel, failed vice-presidential hopeful and Senator Tim Kaine argued that presidential candidate Joe Biden shouldn’t answer questions about whether he supports packing the U.S Supreme Court because it’s “not his business.”

Asked by Fox News’ Bill Hemmer why Biden won’t answer that question, Kaine replied, “I haven’t asked him, but I have a pretty good idea: because it’s not his business.” Huh?

“The Constitution gives no power to the president or vice president to pack the court,” Kaine continued. “I heard the Senator Ernst say he won’t pack the court. It’s not a presidential responsibility. Congress, according to Article I of the Constitution, sets the composition. So that’s why it’s not even a part of the campaign plan.”

Kaine is deflecting. Biden has a responsibility to Americans to inform them whether he, as President, will assent to his Party’s explicit intention to alter the composition of the Supreme Court to suit their lust for power. His refusal to answer, whether it’s “his business” or not, reveals a disturbing lack of transparency and the contempt in which he holds the voters.

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