Kaepernick Says He’s ‘#StillReady’ to Play in the NFL

Kaepernick Says He’s ‘#StillReady’ to Play in the NFL

November 24, 2020

Monday on Twitter, unemployable quarterback and cop-hating national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick expressed his desire to get back to playing in the National Football League.

“1,363 days of being denied employment,” Kaepernick tweeted. “Still putting in work with @E_Reid35. Still going hard 5 days a week. #StillReady #StopRunning.” He added a video showcasing some of his purported quarterbacking skills.

Kaepernick is not being denied employment. In 2016, the year he kicked off the notoriously anti-American and race-mongering political protests that have since swept every sports league, the self-important, second-rate Kaepernick refused an offer from the San Francisco 49ers to extend his contract, and then the next year turned down several other offers from other teams because they weren’t lucrative enough.

By 2019, as Breitbart News notes, “after the league succumbed to pressure to give Kaepernick another chance, a special workout was scheduled just for him to allow teams to have a look at his abilities. But instead of participating in the workout, Kaepernick refused to appear at the event and held his own event that few teams attended, using the attention as a chance to grandstand about racism.”

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