Kaepernick Publishing Essays on Abolition of Police and Prisons

Kaepernick Publishing Essays on Abolition of Police and Prisons

May 12, 2021

Tuesday on Instagram, oppressed multi-millionaire Nike spokesman and national anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick announced that the publishing company he owns is editing and publishing a collection of essays calling for the abolition of police and prisons.

“Today, I’m excited to share that we at @KaepernickPublishing will be releasing our first title, ABOLITION FOR THE PEOPLE: THE MOVEMENT FOR A FUTURE WITHOUT POLICING & PRISONS, on 10/12/21,” Kaepernick wrote. “This anthology builds on decades of organizing and writing against policing & prisons & features the work of over 30 contributors plus a reader’s guide, infographics, & cover art by Emory Douglas.”

The unemployable former NFL quarterback, who infamously wore socks featuring pictures of white pigs as police officers to football practice, added, “I’m proud to have edited this collection & hope it adds to the chorus of voices calling for a world without & beyond policing & prisons. #AbolitionForThePeople.”

He’s not doing it for “The People”; he’s doing it because he is a communist activist who wants to destroy America as we know it. The vast majority of blacks do not want to abolish or even defund the police who protect them in crime-ridden, Democrat-run inner cities, but Kaepernick can afford private security and a lavish home far from the consequences of the radical agenda he is promoting.

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